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Ashley Lloyd International is a luxury, ready-to-wear, womenswear, fashion brand. Founded in 2012 Ashley Lloyd’s focus is ensuring that all products are not only made attentively with high quality luxury fabrics, but the message of strength and women empowerment is expressed thoroughly throughout our items; inclusive of age, size, genders and sexual orientation. We pride ourselves on being ethical, guaranteeing our products and values are for the rights of humans, animals, and fair treatment withing every scope; from the design process to the production, certifying fair trade policies are upheld. Our ethos is to ensure any manufacturers used in the production of our items are utilizing good standards of working conditions for their workers and that these workers are being paid correctly.  Therefore, we will be able to provide assurance to our consumers together with knowing the fabrics sourced in the products are environmentally, ethically and animal friendly.  

The brand’s overall message of strength and empowerment comes from the inspirational black women Ashley has been surrounded by throughout his life, thus creating a world where these women are acknowledged and embraced. “My pieces are like armour; they give women a protective layer to fight against any battles they may face on their daily journey. Women have to work twice as hard as men especially in a world which only recognizes the man. I wanted to provide all women the comfort and strength to get through any obstacles, looking chic and elegant whilst doing so”. Each collection features bold & colourful fabrics with striking and revealing silhouettes paying tribute to the confident fashionista; telling a unique story for each collection, Ashley Lloyd International demonstrates creativity, cultural & fashion inspirations that will encapsulate and entices you within every design concept.




Ashley Lloyd’s inspiration for his strong, bold and fearless aesthetics developed from women who surrounded him through his younger years to present day. Growing up in a single parent household, Ashley’s mother, aunts and grandmother were his main fashion inspirations as they took extreme pride in the styles of clothing worn, together with how it complimented their body shape. He also counts close female companions as a strong influence and drive behind his fashion label today.

Ashley Lloyd was born and raised in South London, Ashley’s fashion experience began once he studied fashion textiles in school and went to college to study design and textiles. Still needing a deeper insight into the fashion industry, Ashley went onto source credible knowledge within the industry. This includes studying costume design with infamous costumier house ‘Prangsta’, working for one of the largest modelling agencies in London ‘Bookings Models’ along with styling and dressing for London Fashion Week womenswear collections. This inspired Ashley to learn more about the creative world, wanting to create his own label where he would be able to display his very own innovative designs and creations. Ashley is Currently studying a BA in womenswear & technology at the prestigious London College Of Fashion where he continues to develop his craft in womenswear and garment technology.  

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